2014 - Present

The Supreme Court has always strived for organisational innovation and excellence. In line with the initiative taken by the Ministry of Finance, which launched the Managing for Excellence (MFE) Movement as the third pillar of the PS21 Movement, the Supreme Court has shown strong support for this movement, which aims to recognise the efforts of public organisations which have achieved organisational excellence.

In recognition of its achievements, the Supreme Court has received the following prestigious awards in 2014:


Green Mark (Gold) Award

The BCA Green Mark Scheme is intended to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness. The Supreme Court is committed to maintain low water and energy consumption, reduce potential environmental impact, improve indoor environmental quality for a healthy workplace and strive for continual improvement.

The Supreme Court has been awarded Green Mark (Gold) Award in 2014.

Public Service Achievement Award

The Supreme Court was awarded the Public Service Achievement Award in 2014 for achieving the Singapore Quality Class Star award, People Developer Standard (PDS), Singapore Innovation Class (I-Class) and Service Class (S-Class). The Public Service Achievement Award is one of the awards given under the Public Service Award category. This category of award recognises public agencies’ achievement of business excellence standards administrated by SPRING Singapore.