Judiciary Administration and Operations

Chief Executive, Office of the Chief Justice

The Chief Executive (Office of the Chief Justice) oversees the administration and operations of the Supreme Court.


Infrastructure and Court Services Directorate

Strategises the use of resources and services that best supports the hearing process includes the Digital Transcription Services Section, Interpreters Section and the Office Management Section.

Corporate Services Directorate

Oversees the Human Resource and Administration Section, Security Section, Procurement Section, as well as the Library.

Finance Directorate

Promotes proper stewardship of the Supreme Court's resources. 

Office of Public Affairs

Oversees the planning and execution of public engagement and communication efforts so as to position the Supreme Court as a forward-thinking and outward-looking organisation with effective public service delivery.

    Internal Audit

    Promotes a culture of risk awareness and to ensure adequacy of internal controls and compliance.

    Strategic Planning and Policy Directorate

    Sets Long-term and sustainable goals. Conducts research to identify emerging trends regionally and internationally.

    Computer and Information Services Directorate

    To be at the forefront of new IT trends and developments, as well as to anticipate and render IT solutions for the organisation.

    Legal Directorate

    Oversees the processing and maintenance of all court documents and records, and for making these available to court users. Provides administrative support to the Registrar to ensure the efficient and expeditious disposition of all cases.