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Civil Proceedings
level 2 bulletOverview
level 2 bulletCommencement of an Action
level 3 bulletModes of Commencing an Action
level 3 bulletTime Limits
level 3 bulletCourt Fees and Hearing Fees
level 3 bulletRegistration of Foreign Judgments
level 2 bulletPre-Trial Matters
level 3 bulletService of Documents and Stages up to Close of Pleadings
level 3 bulletPre-Trial Conferences
level 3 bulletInterlocutory Applications
level 3 bulletSubpoena
level 3 bulletExchange of Affidavits of Evidence-In-Chief and Setting Down
level 2 bulletTrial
level 2 bulletPost-Trial Matters
level 3 bulletTaxation and Review of Bills of Costs
level 3 bulletAssessment of Damages
level 3 bulletEnforcement
level 3 bulletTaking of Accounts
level 2 bulletThe Appeal Process
level 3 bulletAppealing from a Registrar's Decision to a Judge in Chambers
level 3 bulletAppealing from a High Court decision to the Court of Appeal
level 3 bulletAppeals from the State Courts
level 2 bulletEnforcement Proceedings
level 2 bulletOther Civil Proceedings and Processes
level 3 bulletAdmiralty Proceedings
level 3 bulletBankruptcy Proceedings
level 3 bulletCompany Winding Up Proceedings
level 3 bulletAncillary Matters Pertaining to Divorce
level 3 bulletProbate and Letters of Administration
level 3 bulletPower of Attorney
level 3 bulletApplications for Admission of Advocates And Solicitors
level 3 bulletRegistration and Renewal of Bills of Sales
level 2 bulletInterest Rates
level 2 bulletInformation for Unrepresented Litigants
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Pre-Trial Conferences (PTC)

The PTC is a pro-active case management process. PTCs reflect the court's approach to the administration of justice, which considers the interests of litigants, the administration of justice, and the communitarian need to ensure that the court's limited time and resources for the adjudication of disputes are not wasted by any litigant or set of litigants.

Upon the acceptance for filing of the Writ of Summons in the High Court, the Registry will schedule the first Pre-Trial Conference. The date and time of the hearing will be annotated on the Writ which will be returned to the parties upon the Court’s acceptance of the Writ. A sample of the annotated date of the PTC hearing can be found here.

If the Writ of Summons has already been served, PTCs are conducted within eight weeks from the date of the service of the writ or the filing of the Memorandum of Appearance. If the Writ of Summons has not been served, a PTC is held six weeks from the commencement date of the Writ of Summons.

At the PTC, the Registrar enquires about the status of the actions commenced from the solicitors. Directions will then be given for parties to proceed with the matters in an expeditious and fair manner.

A matter may go through several sessions of PTC. Parties who have reached a settlement at the PTC may record the settlement before the Registrar. Otherwise, trial dates are given for matters that cannot be settled.

As part of the effort to promote the efficacious and amicable resolution of disputes, an ADR Form (“Form”) has been introduced for Writs filed from 1 December 2013 for parties’ consideration. Directions on the completion and submission of the Form will be given at the first pre-trial conference by the registrar.

To promote discussion during a PTC of the possibility of settlement, the Rules of Court provide that no communication of facts disclosed or of any matter considered in the course of a PTC shall be made to the court conducting the trial of the action or proceedings.

PTCs are conducted by the Registrar of the Supreme Court on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Last updated on 10 DEC 2013
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