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Media Release

               In line with recent national policy moves to restructure the Singapore economy, and in response to feedback from the legal profession, the Honourable the Chief Justice adopted a recommendation to set up specialist commercial courts in the Supreme Court in February 2002. There has been growth in commercial dispute resolution and associated legal services in Singapore and around the world. The worldwide market for the provision of such services is highly competitive. The introduction of specialist commercial courts was therefore an important move to position and promote Singapore as a leading jurisdiction of choice in both domestic and international commercial disputes. The first specialist court, the Admiralty Court, was established on 4 February 2002.

2             Intellectual property (IP) has been identified as one of the growth drivers for Singapore’s economy. In order to ensure the competitiveness and growth of the economy, the Government’s plan is to develop Singapore into a regional and global hub for the creation, commercialisation and management of IP. The Government is setting up an IP Academy for the purpose of providing training in IP law and the grooming of a new generation of IP practitioners. The recommendations of the Working Group (Legal Services).1, announced on 18 September 2002, contained,inter alia,proposals which concern IP matters and the need for specialist courts to deal with them.

3             To contribute to the Government’s efforts in this regard, the Honourable the Chief Justice has decided to set up an Intellectual Property Court. Located in Technology Court 2 (2nd floor, Supreme Court Building), the Intellectual Property Court will be presided by Judges or Judicial Commissioners with expertise in IP law. Numerous cases involving various types of IP rights, including copyright, patents and trade marks, and actions for passing off have been heard by various Judges and Judicial Commissioners. When there are cases involving IP disputes, Judges or Judicial Commissioners who have expertise in IP law will be assigned to hear them.

4             As the pillar of the administration of justice, it is critical that the Supreme Court adapts and moves in tandem with national interests and developments of the day. The establishment of the Intellectual Property Court underscores the Supreme Court’s continued commitment to promote Singapore as a premier international commercial dispute resolution centre in litigation, arbitration and mediation.

For further information and comments, please contact:

Ms Thian Yee Sze
Assistant Registrar, Corporate Communications, Supreme Court
Tel : (65) 6332 3916
Fax : (65) 6337 9450
E-mail : THIAN_Yee_Sze@supcourt.gov.sg
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