SMU Case Briefs

A collaboration between Supreme Court and Singapore Management University (SMU) Law School where it provides an opportunity for students to report on selected Court of Appeal Judgments, highlighting the significant and pertinent points set out in the judgments.

 Case Briefs are also available on the SMU Lexicon Website

 12 February 2018Zainudin bin Mohamed v Public Prosecutor  (PDF, 182.94 KB)
 6 April 2018Lee Tat Cheng v Maka GPS (PDF, 190.05 KB)
 24 April 2018 UDA v UDB (PDF, 134.2 KB)
 26 June 2018Public Prosecutor v Raveen Balakrishnan (PDF, 396.28 KB)
 16 July 2018Adri Anton Kalangie v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 252.53 KB)
 3 October 2018Mui Jia Jun v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 340.34 KB)
 22 October 2018Glaziers Engineering Pte Ltd v WCS Engineering Construction Pte Ltd (PDF, 273.32 KB)
 24 October 2018Douglas Foo Peow Yong v ERC Prime II Pte Ltd and another appeal and other matters (PDF, 271.38 KB)
 26 October 2018Zainal bin Hamad v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 318.53 KB)
 15 January 2019SCK Serijadi Sdn Bhd v Artison Interior Pte Ltd (PDF, 229.07 KB)
 13 February 2019Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd v Liu Ming (PDF, 407.09 KB)
 26 February 2019Noor Azlin Binte Abdul Rahman v Changi General Hospital Pte Ltd & others (PDF, 266.21 KB)
 11 March 2019Public Prosecutor v ASR (PDF, 261.93 KB)
 1 April 2019Li Shengwu v Attorney General (PDF, 481.89 KB)
 10 April 2019Wong Souk Yee v Attorney-General (PDF, 180.88 KB)
 23 April 2019Public Prosecutor v Dinesh s/o Rajantheran (PDF, 380.68 KB)
 30 April 2019Kok Yin Chong and others v Lim Hun Joo and others (PDF, 326.75 KB)
 9 May 2019Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd v Avant Garde Maritime Services (Private) Limited (PDF, 407.63 KB)
 16 May 2019Far East Square Pte Ltd v Yau Lee Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd (PDF, 333.75 KB)
 27 May 2019Adili Chibuike Ejike v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 474.08 KB)
 27 May 2019Nagaenthran a/l K Dharmalingam v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 325.26 KB)
 12 July 2019Yap Chen Hsiang Osborn v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 467.35 KB)
 23 July 2019Anan Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd v VTB Bank (Public Joint Stock Co) (PDF, 306.65 KB)
 24 July 2019Singapore Medical Council v Dr Lim Lian Arn (PDF, 538.8 KB)
 18 October 2019SMC v Soo Shuenn Chiang (PDF, 70.12 KB)
 8 November 2019BLV v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 545.79 KB)
 13 November 2019 BPH v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 428.79 KB)
 22 January 2020 PP v GCK (PDF, 194.51 KB)
 24 February 2020 Quoine Pte Ltd v B2C2 Ltd (PDF, 271.5 KB)
 28 Feb 2020Han Fang Guan v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 294.42 KB)
 9 March 2020Armstrong v Quest (PDF, 179.75 KB)
 18 March 2020Singapore Shooting Association and others v Singapore Rifle Association (PDF, 504.84 KB)
 6 April 2020I-Admin (Singapore) Pte Ltd v Hong Ying Ting (PDF, 177.45 KB)
 9 April 2020Sim Poh Ping v Winsta Holding (PDF, 281.82 KB)
 29 April 2020Saravanan Chandaram v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 522.42 KB)
 28 May 2020 Ricardo and another v Noble Resources Ltd and another (PDF, 455.19 KB)
 17 July 2020Public Prosecutor v Aishamudin bin Jamaludin (PDF, 253.23 KB)
 29 August 2020Muhammad Nabill bin Mohd Fuad v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 602.1 KB)
 8 September 2020Lim Zhipeng v Seow Suat Thin (PDF, 353.07 KB)
 14 October 2020Singapore Air Charter Pte Ltd v Peter Low & Choo LLC and another [2020] (PDF, 406.69 KB)
 19 October 2020Gobi Avedian v Public Prosecutor 2020 (PDF, 767.25 KB)
 28 October 2020Ma Hongjin v SCP Holdings Pte Ltd (PDF, 105.57 KB)
 6 November 2020Wham Kwok Han Jolovan v Public Prosecutor 2020 (PDF, 241.78 KB)
 20 November 2020Law Society of Singapore v Lee Suet Fern (PDF, 562.46 KB)
 15 December 2020Denka Advantech Pte Ltd and another Seraya Energy Pte Ltd and another and other appeals (PDF, 693.7 KB)
 5 March 2021CIMB Bank Berhad v World Fuel Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd and another appeal (PDF, 198.54 KB)
 30 March 2021Amarjeet Singh v Public Prosecutor (PDF, 510.78 KB)
 9 April 2021Chan Yun Cheong v Chan Chi Cheong (PDF, 334.65 KB)