Advisory for court users and visitors

1. In view of the COVID-19 situation, all visitors to the Supreme Court building will be required to complete the online Visitor Registration Form and provide their details using the SafeEntry system before entry into the building. Visitors will also need to check out of the SafeEntry system when they leave the building. The enhanced precautionary measures are to augment contact tracing capabilities. The QR codes for both forms will be available at the entrance/exit of the Supreme Court building. 

2. From 7 December 2020, all visitors are encouraged to scan in the SafeEntry QR code via the TraceTogether (TT) application or present their TT token for check-in. The use of the TT application and token will be made mandatory soon, which means that visitors will not be able to enter the Supreme Court without it.

3. All visitors are also required to undergo temperature screening at the entrance before entering the building.

4. You will be denied entry if you:

  • Are serving a Quarantine Order;
  • Are serving a Stay-Home Notice;
  • Are serving a Leave of Absence;
  • Have been in close contact with any individual(s) who has/have been confirmed or suspected* to have COVID-19 infection in the last 14 days;
  • Are feeling unwell with fever (with temperature more than 37.9°C) and/or flu like symptoms (e.g. cough, runny nose and shortness of breath).

*pending results of COVID-19 tests

5. If you have a hearing scheduled in the Supreme Court and are denied entry (or will be denied entry as described in paragraph 4 above), please seek an adjournment of the hearing through a request on eLitigation (if you are a lawyer or if you are represented by a lawyer), or by email to (if you are a litigant-in-person) stating the case number and providing the supporting evidence that you are serving a Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice, Leave of Absence or have a medical certificate (in accordance with Supreme Court Practice Directions paragraph 14).

6. To minimise the time spent in public areas, instead of visiting us, you are encouraged to use our website, e-services, call or write to us where possible.

7. Safe distancing measures such as spacing out queue lines and seats at waiting areas have been put in place to minimise the risk of infection.

8. From 8 March 2021, the Supreme Court Library will be opened from Mon to Fri (excluding public holidays), 10am – 12 noon and 2 – 4pm. Due to safe distancing measures, the Library can only accommodate up to 20 people at any one time. All visitors to the Library will also be required to scan the Library SafeEntry QR Code for entry. The Learning Court at Level 1, the Judicial Heritage Gallery at Basement 1 and the Viewing Gallery at Level 8, however, will remain closed until further notice.  

9. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.