Information for Unrepresented Litigants

Legal Advice and Legal Aid

The Supreme Court, as an adjudicatory body, decides on cases and applications which are brought before the High Court or the Court of Appeal in accordance with due process of law. As such, the Supreme Court is not in any position to render any legal advice.

To seek independent legal advice, a directory of qualified lawyers is maintained by the Legal Service Regulatory Authority (LSRA) and may be found on the internet at the Ministry of Law’s website at You may also contact the LSRA by telephone at 1800-CALL-LAW (1800 2255 529) or +65 2255 529 (call from overseas).

If you are a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident residing in Singapore and cannot afford the services of a lawyer, you may wish to consider approaching one of the following with your query:

Representation by Lawyers

The following types of parties must be represented by lawyers in court proceedings unless the Court grants leave for an officer to represent them:
(i) a company;
(ii) a limited liability partnership; or
(iii) an unincorporated association (other than a partnership or a registered trade union).

In order for an officer to represent such parties, an application for leave of court under Order 1 Rule 9 of the Rules of Court by summons supported by an affidavit must be filed and served.

Electronic Filing of Court Documents

Pursuant to Paragraph 104 of the Supreme Court Practice Directions, court documents must be filed electronically under eLitigation. A litigant-in-person who does not subscribe to eLitigation may file his documents at the LawNet Service Bureau located at Level 1 of the Supreme Court Building. For more information on the Service Bureau’s opening hours, document filing charges and step-by-step guide on filing, please click here.