Registration and Renewal of Bills of Sale

A Bill of Sale is a document intended to give effect to the grant of chattels where possession of the chattels remains unchanged. Usually, it will be a borrower (the grantor of a bill of sale) who issues a bill of sale in respect of certain of his goods to convey the rights in those goods to the lender (the person who gives him a loan). Upon repayment of the loan, the borrower will have the rights in the goods re-conveyed to him.



Under the provisions of the Bills of Sale Act (Cap 24 2011 Rev Ed), every Bill of Sale to which the Act applies must be attested and filed within 3 days after it has been executed. The following documents must be filed to register the Bill of Sale:

  • A copy of the Bill of Sale;
  • A statutory declaration.



Renewal of Registration


The registration of a Bill of Sale shall be renewed once at least every 12 calendar months; otherwise, the registration shall be void. The following documents must be filed for the renewal of registration at least 1 day before the expiry date:

  • A copy of the statutory declaration in the form set out in the Second Schedule to the Bills of Act; and
  • The Bill of Sale in question.


The Court Fees payable for the registration of a Bill of Sale and all related filings, inspection, etc may be found in the Bills of Sale (Fees) Rules.