Pre-Trial Conference (PTC)

The Pre-Trial Conference (“PTC”) is a proactive case management mechanism provided for under Order 34A of the Rules of Court. At the PTC, the Court monitors the progress of the cases and gives the necessary directions in order for the just, expeditious and economical disposal of the action.

PTCs are usually conducted by a Registrar and the first PTC is usually scheduled six weeks after the filing of the Writ. If the Writ is served, the first PTC will be re-scheduled to within eight weeks from the date on which the Writ is served or the Memorandum of Appearance is filed.

At PTCs, the Registrar will usually seek an update on the status of an action. Directions will then be given for the parties to progress the action in an expeditious and fair manner e.g the filing of interlocutory applications and the timelines therein. An action may go through several PTCs. Parties who reach a settlement at a PTC may record the settlement before the Registrar. Otherwise, trial dates will be given for matters that cannot be settled.

PTCs may also be conducted by Judges (“JPTCs”) to facilitate a more active role in case management. JPTCs are usually scheduled after the completion of Discovery and again after the exchange of the Affidavits of Evidence-in-Chief of the witnesses.

As part of the effort to promote the efficacious and amicable resolution of disputes, an Alternative Dispute Resolution Form (“ADR Form (PDF, 26.96 KB)”) has been introduced for parties’ consideration in respect of Writs filed on or after 1 December 2013. Directions on the completion and submission of the ADR Form may be given by the Registrar at the first (or subsequent) PTC. Where parties indicate an interest to attempt mediation, the Registrar may give directions for the parties to approach the Singapore Mediation Centre to obtain a mediation date. The Registrar may order that court timelines be held in abeyance pending mediation.

The Court Fees payable for the filing of the documents in respect of Pre-trial Matters may be found in Appendix B of the Rules of Court.