Appeals from the State Courts

Any party who is not satisfied with the decision or order made by a District Judge or Magistrate in a civil action in the State Courts, including the Small Claims Tribunal may file an appeal to the High Court.

The appeals are of the following types:

  1. State Courts Appeals (Orders 55C and 55D of the Rules of Court)
    Civil actions where the claims are S$250,000 and less are heard in the State Courts. Any party who is not satisfied with the decision made by either the Magistrate’s Court or the District Court may file an appeal to the High Court within 14 days of the decision or order.

  2. Small Claims Tribunal Appeals (Order 55 of the Rules of Court)
    In general, the Small Claims Tribunal hears disputes arising from a contract for goods or services, a claim in tort for damage to property (excluding damage to a motor vehicle arising from an accident) and tenancy agreements of residential premises that do not exceed 2 years. Its jurisdiction is limited to claims not exceeding S$10,000.00, but the limit can be raised to S$20,000.00 if both parties agree in writing.

    Any party who is not satisfied with the Tribunal’s decision may, if leave to appeal is granted by the District Court, file an appeal to the High Court within 1 month of the date on which leave to appeal was granted by the District Court. The appeal can only relate to a question of law or jurisdiction. 


Procedures Governing Appeals to the High Court

The Notice of Appeal is to be filed at the Civil Registry of the State Courts or, in the case of appeals from the Small Claims Tribunal at the Registry of the Small Claim Tribunal.

At the time of filing of the Notice of Appeal, the appellant may be required to lodge a security deposit for the costs of the respondent in the sum of S$2,000.00 for Magistrate’s Court actions and S$3,000.00 for District Court actions. The security may be provided by depositing the sum in the Registry or with the Accountant-General; or by way of an undertaking by the appellant’s solicitor. The record of proceedings for the appeal is prepared by the State Courts/the Small Claim Tribunal and forwarded to the High Court and an appeal date given.

The Court Fees payable for the filing of the documents in respect of Appeals may be found in Appendix B of the Rules of Court.