The Supreme Court comprises the High Court and the Court of Appeal, which handle different types of criminal proceedings.

The High Court comprises the General Division of the High Court (“General Division”) and the Appellate Division of the High Court (“Appellate Division”).

The General Division deals with the following types of criminal matters:

  • trial of criminal offences in its original jurisdiction;
  • appeals from decisions of the State Courts;
  • revision in respect of criminal proceedings and matters dealt with by the State Courts; and
  • questions of law reserved for the consideration of the General Division by the State Courts.

The Appellate Division does not deal with criminal matters.

The Court of Appeal hears:

  • appeals against decisions made by the General Division in the exercise of its original criminal jurisdiction;
  • questions of law reserved for its consideration by the State Courts or the General Division in their original criminal jurisdiction; and
  • criminal references, from criminal matters heard by the General Division in its appellate or revisionary jurisdiction.