Pending the trial of an accused for an offence triable by the General Division of the High Court (“General Division”), or pending the hearing by the General Division of a Magistrate’s Appeal or a Criminal Revision, the accused may be released on bail, unless the offence is one for which bail cannot be granted. Should the accused subsequently fail to appear in court on the date of the hearing, he or she may be arrested. The court may also summon the accused’s bailor to attend and show cause as to why the monies pledged as bail for the accused should not be forfeited. A date will be fixed for the bailor to show cause and a notice of the hearing sent to him. At the hearing, the court may forfeit either the whole or part of the bail sum. Where the bail sum cannot be recovered, a warrant to seize and sell the property of the bailor may be issued. If the sum forfeited is still not recovered despite such seizure and sale, the court may order the bailor to be imprisoned for up to 12 months.