Amendments 2018

Amendment No. 1 of 2018

Amendment No. 1 of 2018 of the Singapore International Commercial Court Practice Directions contains amendments to Parts II, IV, VIII, IX, XVI, XVIII, XIX, XXII, XXIII, Appendixes A, B, C and D. The amendments are summarised below:

a) amendments to paragraph 7, on the operating hours and location of the SICC Registry;
b) amendments to paragraph 16 and Appendix B Form 2A, on interpreters and translation;
c) amendments to paragraph 17, on production of record of hearing;
d) amendments to paragraph 18, on use of electronic and other devices;
e) amendments to paragraph 26, on circumstances under which representation by foreign lawyers is allowed;
f) amendments to paragraph 44, on documents which must be filed, served, delivered or otherwise conveyed to the Registrar;
g) amendments to paragraph 45 and Appendix A, on the operating hours of the Service Bureau;
h) amendments to paragraph 48, on access of Registered Foreign Lawyers to the Electronic Filing Service;
i) amendments to paragraph 52, on the giving of directions by the Registrar on how documents that exceed specified limits should be filed;
j) amendments to paragraph 58, on applications to use teleconference, video conference and audio-visual facilities;
k) amendments to paragraph 59, on applications to use the Mobile Infocomm Technology Facilities;
l) amendments to paragraph 63, on transfer of proceedings to and from the Court;
m) amendments to paragraph 98, on conduct of hearings;
n) amendments to paragraph 110, on foreign law;
o) amendments to paragraph 126, on bundle of documents filed on setting down;
p) amendments to paragraph 144 and Appendix B Form 18, on Appeals Information Sheet for civil appeals to the Court of Appeal;
q) amendments to paragraph 145, on filing of records of appeal, core bundles and written Cases for civil appeals under Order 57, Rules 9 and 9A of the Rules of Court;
r) amendments to paragraph 147, on despatch of specified appeal documents from overseas;
s) amendments to paragraph 148, on preparation of appeal records in hearings of civil appeals to the Court of Appeal;
t) inclusion of paragraph 148A and Appendix B Form 23, on inclusion in appeal bundles of documents ordered to be sealed or redacted;
u) inclusion of paragraph 149A and Appendix B Form 24, on costs scheduling;
v) amendments to paragraph 152 and inclusion of Appendix B Form 24, on costs;
w) amendments to Appendix B Forms 19, 20 and 21, on Form of Record of Appeal, Form of Core Bundle and Form of Supplemental Core Bundle;
x) amendments to Appendix C, on languages available for interpretation and translation services; and
y) amendments to Appendix D, on fees for use of teleconference and video conference facilities.

The amendments take effect on 1 March 2018.

A summary of these amendments may be found in the annexed document:

Singapore International Commercial Court Practice Directions Amendment No 1 of 2018