Commissioner for Oaths

With effect from 1 February 2018, the Commissioner for Oaths (CFO) services at the Supreme Court will only be available for Supreme Court-related matters. Members of the public who require CFO services for non-Supreme Court related matters can approach private law firms providing these services. All CFOs charge a standard rate as prescribed under Part II of the Schedule in the Commissioners for Oath Rules.

Deponents/declarants who wish to affirm, swear or take their affidavits and statutory declarations to be used in Supreme Court proceedings may proceed to Level 3M for CFO services.

For deponents/declarants who do not understand or speak English, interpretation in the following languages and dialects will be provided:

Chinese Languages

Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese

Indian Languages

Tamil, Malayalam

Malay Languages

Malay, Javanese, Boyanese

Deponents/declarants who require interpretation in foreign languages or languages and dialects other than those listed above must engage and bring along a qualified interpreter if they wish to have their affidavits and statutory declarations affirmed/sworn/taken before the duty Commissioner for Oaths at the Supreme Court.

Please click here to download a copy of the statutory declaration form for general use.

For documents to be used in a foreign country, deponents/declarants should have them executed in the presence of a Notary Public instead of a Commissioner for Oaths.

Please click here for the Notaries Public Directory.

The following commissioning fees apply:

Type of Document
Commissioning Fee
Additional Fees
Affidavit in civil matters S$25.00 per affidavit S$5.00 per exhibit (if any)
Affidavit in bankruptcy matters S$5.00 per affidavit S$1.00 per exhibit (if any)
Affidavit in company winding-up matters S$4.00 per affidavit S$1.00 per exhibit (if any)
Statutory declarations S$25.00 per statutory declaration S$5.00 per exhibit (if any)

For matters under the Companies Act, a fee of S$2.00 per exhibit (if any) will be imposed

House Call Services

The Commissioners for Oaths of the Supreme Court do not provide house call services.

For house call services, you may wish to contact a Commissioner for Oaths in the CO & NP Directories of the Singapore Academy of Law. Click here.