Court Forms and Fees

Court fees are prescribed in a number of statutory regulations and are payable at various stages in civil proceedings. Fees are usually payable when documents are lodged with the court. However, separate fees are also payable in respect of services such as hearings, sealing documents and providing copies of documents.

Apart from court fees, appellants may be required to pay a security deposit for the respondent's costs in an appeal.

In limited circumstances and upon application, Registrars have the power to waive, refund and/or postpone payment of some civil court fees in accordance with the Rules of Court or the specific provisions under which the action is commenced. In general, fees can only be waived or refunded if:

  • payment of fees would cause undue financial hardship;
  • the proceedings concern matters of genuine public interest and would not be able to proceed if the fee was required; or
  • the applicant organisation has been given a waiver


Court Hearing Fees

With the exception of certain proceedings listed in Order 90A, Rule 3 of the Rules of Court, court hearing fees are payable for matters that are heard before a Judge in the High Court in chambers or in open court from the 4th day onwards.

Court hearing fees are usually paid at the time the matter is set down for hearing (when parties are ready for hearing). These fees are usually paid by the plaintiff or the party who applies for the hearing date.


Value of claim up to S$1 million

Value of claim more than S$1 million

1st to 3rd day



4th day

S$6,000.00 per day or part thereof

S$9,000.00 per day or part thereof

5th day

S$2,000.00 per day or part thereof

S$3,000.00 per day or part thereof

6th to 10th day

S$3,000.00 per day

S$5,000.00 per day

11th day onwards

S$5,000.00 per day

S$7,000.00 per day

Refund of Court Hearing Fees

Court hearing fees are fully refundable if parties settle the matter not less than 14 days before the hearing dates. In other instances, e.g. where the parties did not consume the total number of days allocated for hearing, a discretionary amount is refunded. Applications for such refunds should be made to the Registrar within one month from the date of the settlement or the last hearing.

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