Mobile Infocomm Technology Facilities (“MIT Facilities”)

With members of the legal profession becoming increasingly adept at harnessing technology to better present their cases, Mobile Infocomm Technology Facilities is now available for use in all courtrooms and chambers. These include the Visualiser System which allows images of 3D objects or hardcopy documents to be projected and magnified and a 65 inch High Definition TV with Interactive Display System which allows users to annotate multimedia contents and preserve it.

Request to use the Mobile Infocomm Technology Facilities ("MIT Facilities")

Requests for the use of the Mobile Infocomm Technology Facilities ("MIT Facilities") should be made at least 14 working days in advance using this e-form.

Requests are given priority based on a first-come first-served basis.

There are no fees charged for the usage of the MIT Facilities.

Compatibility testing

The presentation material or media to be used at the hearing must be made available for testing with the audio-visual system at least 5 days before the first day fixed for the hearing to ensure equipment compatibility.