Technology Courts Booking

The Supreme Court houses 6 Technology Courts of varying sizes for use in (a) the hearing of any matter in open Court or in Chambers; or (b) for any other dispute resolution process, that have specific technological needs. In this regard, parties have access to the latest audio-visual technology when utilising these courts. These technological tools facilitate the presentation of evidence in court and promote greater efficiency in the hearing process.

Video conferencing facilities are also available in the Technology Courts and these may be used to present the testimony of vulnerable witnesses or overseas witnesses who are unable to be physically present in court. Parties wishing to give evidence through a live video or live television link must seek the Court's leave to use the video conferencing facilities by way of a summons [see s 62A of the Evidence Act (Cap 97)] before making any request hereunder.

Fees payable

The fees for the use of the Technology Court as well as the fees for the use of video conferencing facilities are as follows:

Technology Court

S$50.00 per day or part thereof

Technology Court's Video Conferencing Facility

An additional S$250.00 per day or part thereof

No fees are usually payable for use in Criminal Cases

Any international call charges and/or telecommunication charges incurred will be fully reimbursed by the user.

Request to use the Technology Court

Requests for the use of a Technology Court and / or video conferencing facilities in the Technology Court must be made at least 14 working days in advance using this e-form.

For the avoidance of doubt, any party assigned the use of a Technology Court for a Court hearing (on an ordinary Court case assignment basis) and who wishes to make use of the facilities in the Technology Court must submit a Request.

Requests are given priority based on a first-come first-served basis subject to full payment of the fees. 

Compatibility testing

Upon the successful booking of a Technology Court for videoconferencing, prior arrangements for videoconferencing testing have to be made at least 5 working days before the first day fixed for the use of the facility to ensure equipment compatibility.

If audio-visual and computers equipment in addition to those provided in the Technology Courts are to be used, details of such equipment will have to be provided when completing the Request forms above. Such equipment must also be made available for testing with the audio-visual system of the Technology Courts at least 3 working days before the first day fixed for use of the Technology Courts to ensure equipment compatibility.