Sheriff's Sales

Roles and Responsibilities

The Sheriff is the enforcement officer of the Court. The Registrar of the Supreme Court is concurrently the Sheriff of Singapore. Bailiffs are officers attached to the Sheriff's Section who are empowered under the Sheriff's authority to execute and carry into effect all writs of execution and court orders. By authority given to the Sheriff and the bailiffs, they may enter the house of the judgment debtor or premises of a third party to seize goods and chattels belonging to the debtor. The general principle is that only personal goods and chattels other than wearing apparel and tools and implements of the debtor may be seized. Apart from the warrant card, the bailiffs of the Supreme Court are also issued a badge and also wear a Sheriff's jacket to project a professional image.   

Stages after Property Seized

Once the goods or property has been seized, the Sheriff will arrange for the sale of the goods or property seized by public auction. The sale will be arranged by the Sheriff after the expiry of the requisite notice of 7 days to allow the debtor to settle the judgment sum or court order. The auction will usually be fixed on a date about 6 weeks after the seizure of the properties. If a third party has a claim to the goods/property seized, the third party can make a claim to the Sheriff. In the event that the plaintiff objects to the third party claim, the Sheriff will arrange for an interpleader summons on behalf of the plaintiff, to be heard by a judge for determining ownership of the property.

In the case of properties seized by a Writ of Distress, the third party claimant has to apply to a judge by way of a summons-in-chambers.

Should you have further questions regarding the Sheriff Section of the Supreme Court, you may email the us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may also wish to call us at +65 6336 0644, during office hours.

Sheriff's Sale - Admiralty

For description and particulars of sale click on vessel name.


Vessel Name

Advertisement Date

Closing Date & Time for Bids

Sheriff's Sale Advertisement

Conditions of Sale

Surveyor's Report


 1GOLDEN NORI 23 February 20219 March 2021 at 3.00pmCLICK HERE (PDF, 113.92 KB) CLICK HERE (PDF, 134.59 KB) CLICK HERE FOR VESSEL REPORT (PDF, 17.97 MB)


Vessels for Inspection

Interested personnel who wish to board any vessel(s) for inspection that are put up for Sheriff's Sale may write in to the Sheriff's Office at You are require to fill in the attached template (Vessel Inspection Request (DOCX, 14.66 KB)), and attach a copy of the visitor’s NRIC, Passport or Workpermit

Sheriff's Sale - Movable

For Inventory list, please click on Place of Auction. Goods are sold on an "As Is" And "Where Is" Basis.

No Registration Is Required. Payment In Cash Only And Immediate Delivery By The Buyer.

Biddings Must Be Made At The Actual Premise And Scheduled Date And Time Of Auction. Public Are Welcome To Participate In The Biddings.

Please note that the Progress of Sales are subject to changes.



Ref. No

Advertisement in Straits Times

Auction Date & Time

Place of Auction

Progress of Sales



Sheriff's Sale - Immovable

For Inspection & Inventory list, please click on Place of Auction. Property are sold on an "As Is" And "Where Is" Basis.


Refer to appointed Auctioneer for more details and viewing appointments.



Case Ref. No

Auction Property

Auction Date & Time

Place of Auction


1 HC/WSS 31/2020 2 KITCHENER LINK #14-06 "CITY SQUARE RESIDENCES" SINGAPORE 207229 (PDF, 491.47 KB) 04 FEBRURAY 2021 @ 1.30 PM (PDF, 415.74 KB) (CLOSED) 10 COLLYER QUAY, #08-01, OCEAN FINANCIAL CENTRE. SINGAPORE 049315 (PDF, 266.59 KB)  


List of vessels under Sheriff's arrest

Updated as of 2 March 2021. Please note that this list is updated within the same working day if the arrest or release occurred during office hours, or updated the next working day if the arrest or release occurred after office hours.



WA No.

Vessel Name

Arresting Solicitor

Date & Time of Arrest

Security Guard Agency Appointed

Location of the Vessel

 2 279/202041/2020  GOLDEN NORI HARIDASS HO & PARTNERS22/10/2020 @ 9.00 PMN.A

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List of Vessels Sold (PDF, 44.41 KB)