Registering for Bankruptcy Hearings via the Centralised Display Management System (CDMS) Self-service Kiosks

With effect from 1 Nov 2018, Parties attending bankruptcy hearings at the Supreme Court, including debtors-in-person, are required to register for their cases using the CDMS kiosks. For a snapshot of the registration process, please view this infographic (JPG, 217.02 KB).

Step-by-step brochures have been prepared to assist Parties in using the CDMS to register for bankruptcy hearings at the Supreme Court. For debtors-in-person, a list of useful websites may be found at the back of the maroon brochure with the subtext "FOR UNREPRESENTED PARTIES" to aid you in navigating bankruptcy proceedings.

The contents of these brochures are for reference purposes only and they are not binding on the Court. They are not intended to give you legal or other professional advice.

Please click on the hyperlinks to download the step-by-step brochures for Lawyers (PDF, 15.82 MB) and Unrepresented Parties (PDF, 10.67 MB) in English. Brochures are also available in Chinese (PDF, 511.03 KB)Malay (PDF, 397.11 KB) and Tamil (PDF, 515.95 KB)