LawNet Litigation Module

LawNet is a strategic national information network administered by the Singapore Academy of Law. It comprises of seven modules and the Supreme Court is a major content provider of the LawNet Litigation Module.

The seven modules are as follows:

  1. Conveyancing Module
  2. Corporate Law Module
  3. Electronic Filing System (EFS)
  4. Intellectual Property Module
  5. Legal Research Module
  6. Litigation Module
  7. Singapore Titles Automated Registration System (STARS)


Conveyancing Module

The Conveyancing Module allows lawyers access to the Integrated Legal Requisition System on the Internet that enables them to prepare and submit legal requisitions electronically to multiple government agencies and to receive replies.

Corporate Law Module

The BizNet Module provides up-to-date information on company and business registration information from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Electronic Filing System (EFS)

EFS is a revolutionary, integrated, national network, which offers the following four services to meet the evolving needs of civil litigation:

  1. Electronic Filing Service;
  2. Electronic Extract Service;
  3. Electronic Service of Documents Facility; and
  4. Electronic Information Service.

The EFS is part of the Supreme Court's case management strategy. The automated case tracking and monitoring features of the system allow for more pro-active supervision of cases so that the life span of cases can be shortened and the number of outstanding cases reduced.


Intellectual Property Module

The Intellectual Property Module links users to databases provided by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), which houses information on intellectual property, trademark decisions and patent information.


Legal Research Module

The Legal Workbench provides an extensive database of all the primary sources of Singapore law, including the Singapore Law Reports, the Academy Digest and the Singapore Parliamentary Reports, amongst others.


Litigation Module

The Litigation Module links various databases of the Supreme Court and the State Courts to provide a comprehensive source of instantaneous information to law firms. Case information available online includes writ of summons, admiralty, bankruptcy, companies winding-up, probate, taxation of costs and damages for personal injuries and death cases.


Singapore Titles Automated Registration System (STARS)

STARS is the electronic land and titles registration system of the Singapore Land Authority, which provides information on owners, properties, encumbrances, instruments and caveats.