Apply/Renew Practising Certificates

All lawyers intending to practice in Singapore must have a valid practicing certificate (PC) and have it renewed by 31 March of each year. Lawyers can apply for PCs through the Practising Certificate (PC) e-filing Module of the Integrated Electronic Litigation System (eLitigation).

The PC e-filing module is the brainchild of the Supreme Court, the Singapore Academy of Law and the Law Society of Singapore. With this new application module, lawyers can conveniently apply for PCs online without having to fill in paper forms and make separate payments to all three agencies. Instead, they can apply via one consolidated e-form. The module simplifies payment by providing a one-stop collection of outstanding fees due to stakeholders during the application process. It also allows lawyers to automatically notify the Registrar and the Law Society when they change their particulars; as required under the section 27(3) of the Legal Profession Act.

Only lawyers with access to eLitigation can use the module. Lawyers without eLitigation may apply for access limited to the PC e-filing module of eLitigation only. Lawyers who wish to file manually may do so at any of the Service Bureaux established to provide assistance with e-filing.

The fees collected for the Supreme Court for making PC applications through eLitigation are:

(a) Document Fee: S$85.00
(b) Processing Fee: S$4.00
(c) Transmission Fee: S$1.60
(d) Service Fee: S$4.00 for PCs applicable to Singapore Law Practices and S$6.00 for PCs applicable to Foreign Law Practices and concurrent practice.

Please note that the above fees are in addition to any fees payable to the Law Society and/or the Singapore Academy of Law. Further manual handling fees will also be payable for filings carried out through the Service Bureaux.

The procedure relating to the application for and renewal of PCs is set out in Part XVIII of The Supreme Court Practice Directions.



Applications for practising certificate ('PC') for the practice year 2021/2022 (1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022) will be received from 1 March 2021. All applications are to be made through eLitigation. If your law practice does not have an eLitigation account, please make the application through the LawNet Service Bureau.

You are advised to apply for your PC as soon as possible before the end of March 2021. A PC issued in the month of March 2021 will be dated 1 April 2021. A PC issued in April 2021 will be dated with the date of issue but shall be deemed to be in force from the first day of April.

Please click here for more information on the application for a PC for practice year 2021/2022.