Guided Tours

The public can visit the Supreme Court of Singapore to experience Singapore’s court system and the role of the Supreme Court.

In view of the COVID-19 situation, the Learning Court, Judicial Heritage Gallery and Viewing Gallery will remain closed till further notice.

Members of the public, students, or tourists interested in visiting the Supreme Court may contact our authorised educational partners for a guided tour during the Court’s operating hours. Please note that charges by the authorised education partners for guided tours are applicable.

Authorised Educational Partners

Singapore History Consultants
Contact person: Ms Jeyaletchumi
Contact no: 6221 3804

A+B Edu Tours and Travel Pte Ltd
Contact person: Ms Angie Lau
Contact no: 6339 2114 / 96618504

Janie Francis
Contact no: 9831 3252

Diana Chua
Contact no: 9489 1999

Tour Highlights

Judicial Heritage Gallery  (Basement 1)

  • Delight yourself in a gallery experience as we journey through how the Judiciary has evolved in tandem with Singapore’s economic transformation and wider societal changes.
  • Through the eyes of “Emily”, the protagonist in an animation production, understand the role and importance of the rule of law.
  • Witness key moments and milestones of Singapore’s judicial heritage, from pre-colonial days, through Singapore’s independence years, and the present.
  • Find out more about the faces, places and customs of the Singapore Judiciary.
  • Try your hand at designing and co-shaping the Courtroom of the Future, in the year 2065 (SG100) and 3000 (the year when the time capsule at the National Gallery opens).

Supreme Court Gallery (Level 1)

  • Take a walk down memory lane to understand the development and milestones of Singapore’s judiciary history.
  • View rare artefacts like the court document seal machine and Judges' robes that defined the legal landscape.
  • Relate to the personalities like our Former Chief Justices and Judges of the Supreme Court who helped to shape the Judiciary.

Learning Court (Level 1)

  • Experience the next milestone in the Supreme Court’s use of innovation to engage, educate and entertain visitors
  • Understand about the structure of the Judiciary and how technology is used in court through the interactive information kiosks.
  • An interactive learning space, The Learning Court showcases Singapore court system, and the role of the Supreme Court through multimedia enactment and role-play with audience participation.

Centralised Display Management System

  • Experience the Supreme Court’s one-stop centralised interactive information display system for court users.
  • The intelligent system pulls user-relevant information such as Interactive Queue Management System, hearing lists as well as events and services offered by the Supreme Court.
  • Explore how navigate around the Supreme Court with the Way Finder, which calculates the best route between locations.

Technology Court (Level 4)

  • Step into one of our purpose-built Technology Courtrooms, equipped with video-conferencing technology, wireless internet.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes experience of a typical hearing in technology courtroom.
  • Watch our Supreme Court corporate video on the courtroom's projection screen.

Viewing Gallery (Level 8)

  • Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Central Business District, Singapore River, Marina Bay Area and the Esplanade.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the old Supreme Court and City Hall, the Parliament House and other significant monuments that defines Singapore’s Civic District.

Court of Appeal (Level 9)

  • Center yourself in Singapore's Highest Court.

If you have any queries relating to guided tours, please feel free to contact us at (65) 6336 0644 or email us at

Please note that the Supreme Court reserves the right to amend, vary or modify any part of the proposed guided tour as stated above, at its discretion without prior notice.