Singapore Judicial College

Established under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Singapore, the Singapore Judicial College (‘SJC’) is dedicated to the training and development of Judges and Judicial Officers. The SJC consists of a Local Wing and an International Wing, and Empirical Judicial Research.

Local Wing: 
The Local Wing oversees the needs of the Singapore Judiciary, from induction to continuing education to research and developmental programmes.

International Wing: 
The International Wing builds on the excellent reputation of Singapore’s well-developed legal system to offer Singapore as a forum of judicial training that encompasses induction training, core competencies development (such as judging, judicial ethics, case management, use of technology and judicial administration), recent developments on areas of legal interest and useful interdisciplinary studies.

Empirical Judicial Research: 
The SJC serves as an Empirical Judicial Research laboratory with the aim of serving as a test bed for innovation in judicial studies and practices. The empirical research will allow new or existing practices in the courts to be tested and validated.


To achieve excellence in judicial education and research


To provide and inspire continuing judicial learning and research to enhance the competency and professionalism of judges