About the Empirical Judicial Research Programme

An important and unique dimension of the SJC is the Empirical Judicial Research initiative.  This will serve as a test bed for innovation in judicial studies, practices and policies. Probably the first of its kind in Asia, this initiative pushes the frontiers for local judicial research to incorporate quantitative analysis. The research findings and recommendations are expected to bear a special significance, not only to Singapore, but potentially other parts of Asia and the Middle-East.  New or existing practices in the courts can then be tested and the underlying premises of prevailing policies or practices validated.

To date, 9 projects have been approved, with a total of 2 published:

Approved submissions from:

  • Family Justice Courts
  • Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
  • School of Law, Singapore Management University

Projects (published)

  • Judgments (Citation of Legal Scholarship)
  • Defamation (A Comparative Analysis)

Projects (pending)

  • Judgments (Citation of Legal Scholarship)
  • Empathy (In Singapore’s Judges)
  • Singapore International Commercial Court (Attractiveness to International Litigants)
  • Litigants-in-Person (Access to Justice)
  • Divorces (Profiling of International Divorces)
  • Mediation (Best Time to Attempt)
  • Litigation (Determinants of Outcomes)