Judiciary Administration and Operations

Chief Executive, Office of the Chief Justice

The Chief Executive (Office of the Chief Justice) oversees the administration and operations of the Supreme Court, ensuring the efficient running of the court and provision of effective services to court users.


Business Development (SICC)

Promotes awareness and usage of the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) among legal and business professionals both regionally and internationally, through various marketing and communication platforms and initiatives. 

Computer and Information Services Directorate

Ensures the Supreme Court is at the forefront of new IT trends and developments; anticipates and implements IT solutions for the organisation while safeguarding the Supreme Court's IT assets from cyber-security threats.

Corporate Services Directorate

Oversees the Supreme Court’s Human Resources, Security, Record Management and Admin functions as well as the Library.

Finance and
Procurement Directorate

Promotes proper stewardship of the Supreme Court’s financial resources, through the implementation of frameworks that promote financial prudence, value-for-money practices and financial accountability.

Infrastructure and Court Services Directorate

Strategises the use of resources and services that best support the hearing process, and includes the Infrastructure Section, Court Reporting Services Section and Interpreters Section.

Internal Audit

Promotes governance and enables a disciplined approach to evaluating the adequacy of controls, so as to bring about improved internal processes, compliance with government operating procedures and effective risk management practices.

Knowledge Management Office

Advocates knowledge as a strategic asset for the entire Judiciary through the establishment and implementation of common standards and policies in Knowledge Management to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices across the courts.

Legal Directorate

Responsible for inter alia the management and efficient disposal of all civil and criminal cases filed in the High Court, the Singapore International Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal in accordance with the applicable legislation, rules and practice directions. Also oversees the inspection and supply of court records and documents, enforcement actions, caseload and judicial statistics and other hearing support and resource management matters relating to court hearings.

Office of Public Affairs

Oversees the planning and execution of public engagement and communication efforts to position the Supreme Court as a forward-thinking and outward-looking organisation with effective public service delivery.


Office of Transformation and Innovation

Coordinates and drives transformative change throughout the entire Judiciary, including centralising initiatives within the Judiciary to achieve consistency and enable scaling, and devising new and innovative approaches to the Judiciary’s work. Oversees the Computer and Information Services Directorate.

Strategic Planning, Policy and International Relations


Advances the Supreme Court’s position as a thought leader in court excellence through policy formulation, strategic planning, international engagement,
organisational development and performance management.